(PAralibrarian Recognition of Achievement)

Recipients Levels I; II; III; IV*

Developed and implemented by the MLA Paralibrarian Section**


 Level I   Irene Cunningham -Concord Free Library       

  James Graham   -   Dedham House of Corrections     

  Heather Maganzini -   Tewksbury Library                            

  Rachel Mimms - Gale Free Library                              
 Level II    Judith Fallon   -   Gordon Library/WPI        
   Kevin MacKenzie    -   West Springfield PL    
 Level III     Stacey Charbonneau  - Concord Free Library                      


 Level I Katherine Tolliver- Sturgis Library, Barnstable
 Level II Brian Meneses-Bourne Library
Barbara Lorentzen- Bourne Library
Cathy H. Pastva- Sturgis Library, Barnstable
Magdalena Brancato- Sturgis Library, Barnstable
Lisa Hall Conway-Sturgis Library, Barnstable
AnnaMarie McGrath- Newburyport and Rowley Libraries
 Level III Terry L Johnson-Bourne Library
Gael Nappa- Haverhill Public Library
Joyce Senior-Newburyport Public Library
 Level IV Karen Horn-Sturgis Library, Barnstable
Diane Oxton-Newburyport Public Library
Allison Sloan- Reading Public Library



 Level I Annamarie McGrath-Newburyport and Rowley Public Libraries 
 Level II      Melissa Guimont- Middleborough Public Library
Joyce Senior- Newburyport Public Library
 Level III Lori Salotto-Middleborough Public Library   Diane Oxton-Newburyport Public Library



 Level I   Joyce Senior - Newburyport Public Library
 Level IV  Gerry Deyermond - Memorial Hall Library Andover



 Level I     Kellie Porter - Woods Hole Public Library
 Level III     Karen Horn Sturgis Library , Barnstable


 Level I  Kevin MacKenzie - American International College, Springfield
Judith Fallon - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester  
 Level II Karen Horn - Sturgis Library, Barnstable
Cindy Felipe - Reuben Hoar Library, Littleton 


Level I

Lori Salotto- Middlebrough Public Library

Meredith Toumayan- the Governor’s Academy, Byfield

Gina Wells- Mohawk Trail Regional School District

Level II

Virginia Julian- Gordon Library/WPI - Worcester

Sandy Leifeld – Newton Free Library



Level I

Karen Horn- Sturgis Library- Barnstable

Toni Wilcox- Mohawk Trail Regional School District

Level III

Gerry Deyermond- Memorial Hall Library - Andover

Kathy Coughlin- Reuben Hoar Library – Littleton



Level I

Genie Shearer- Mohawk Trail Regional School District

Virginia Julian- Gordon Library/WPI - Worcester

Level III Linda Dodge- Gleason Public Library - Carlisle


Level I Wanda Musacchio- Mohawk Trail Regional School District

Level III

Allison Sloan – Reading Public Library - Reading

Carol Geary - Sutton Free Public Library - Sutton


Level I

Mary Boehmer- Hawlmont School Library - Charlemont

Betty Smith - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Faith Hoffman

Level II

Kathy Coughlin - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Gerry Deyermond - Memorial Hall Library - Andover

Janice Lazarus - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Doreen Morse - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Jeanne Sill - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Donna White - Reuben Hoar library - Littleton

Level III

Andrea Curran - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Helen Graham - Reuben Hoar Library - Littleton

Debbie Pennino- Northeastern University Libraries – Boston

2006 (Pilot year)

 Level I       Elizabeth Goodrich - Gordon Library/ WPI, Worcester

                  Elenore McGourty - Gordon Library/WPI, Worcester

 Level II      Allison Sloan - Reading Public library - Reading

*Level IV added at the Section Annual Meeting April, 2010

**With special thanks to Debbie Bockus and Debbie Pennino for their commitment and promotion of this program to recognize the achievements of Massachusetts Paralibrarians

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