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Registration for the 2021 Book Cart Drill team is available!  Create up to a 4 minute video of your library in action!  Highlight a new service or collection or just have some fun! 

Massachusetts Library Association 

Book Cart Drill Team Competition 2021  

Voting has closed! Check out the Paraganza Tuesday, May 18 at 11am for results!

Andover Curbside Shuffle

Stockbridge Stacks

Video Edition!!

Show off your Library!

Application here!

Deadline extended to May 1!

ITS BEEN ONE HECK OF A YEAR!  Let's have some fun and  rock out with your book carts! Carts filled with books? No problem! Make them into a Whack-a-mole game or hide and seek or a book train! The possibilities are endless!

 New for 2021: Due to Covid19 restrictions and 6-foot distancing, we understand close book cart maneuvers many be problematic. Therefore, please use safe choreography and have people appropriately distanced in the video with more individual routines vs close group lines or dancing. Book carts should be on camera for at least 3 - 4 minutes.

Share your news with an eye catching book cart drill team video!   Your patrons, trustees, Friends and town officials will love it! 

Then you can submit it for the book cart drill team competition at the MLA virtual annual conference in  May 2021! 

The book cart drill team competition is sponsored by DEMCO! You can earn nifty trophies to show off to your patrons, and money to spend at DEMCO!

Watch the book cart drill team videos from 20172018, and 2020.

Scoring will be based on Technical Ability, ie: organization, precision, unique moves, timeliness, Artistic Impression ie: overall performance, music, costumes, cart decor and Videography.

Team videos will be posted May 9, 2021 for voting! Awards will be announced on May 18 at the Paraganza during the virtual MLA conference.

Find some snappy music, dust off your book carts and dig though those costume boxes and have some fun!

For questions or more info email Gerry Deyermond .

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